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Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation is here for YOU, the intrepid entrepreneur. Learn a little about us and see how our services can benefit you and your business.

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What exactly is Northeast Kansas Enterprise Faciliation? Learn all about our organization and the ways we can help your business succeed.

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Meet the Facilitation Board

The people behind NEKEF are volunteers from all around the five counties we serve. We care passionately about the success and sustainability of our rural Northeast Kansas region.

Meet Us
  • We would recommend Enterprise Facilitation to anyone considering starting a business.
    - Angie Rawlings
    All Around Sweets
  • If it weren't for enterprise facilitation I never would have known how to start.
    - Tiffany Eis
    Motivational Speaker
  • Janet met with me initially to give me a good picture of how to proceed with a business plan
    - Matt Bachtold
  • Janet was a great help to me and very good about answering my calls or e-mails quickly
    - Cathy Holthaus
    Cornerstone Coffee Haus

Our Principles:
the Trinity of Management

The NEKEF board provides an Enterprise Facilitator who gives intensive, one-on-one assistance to the entrepreneur, educating him or her in the “Trinity of Management”, a concept that teaches each entrepreneur how to put a successful business and a business team into place.

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We have enjoyed working with many different types of entrepreneurs over the years. Read some of their stories, and get inspired to chase your own dreams!

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